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Taylor liked this on Instagram 8/9/14 (x)

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13 Swiftie Questions (Send me a number!)

  • 1: Favourite Taylor lyric?
  • 2: Taylor song you can relate to the most?
  • 3: Favourite era?
  • 4: Have you ever been to a Taylor concert?
  • 5: Do you have any Swiftie friends?
  • 6: When (and how!) did you become a Swiftie?
  • 7: Swiftie blogs you would recommend?
  • 8: Do you ship Taylor with anyone?
  • 9: If you could spend a day with Taylor what would you do?
  • 10: One question you would ask Taylor?
  • 11: 3 things you want in the next album?
  • 12: One thing you would steal from Taylor?
  • 13: Best Swiftie-related memory?
  • So I thought this would be fun! Send me a number to ask a question! (also reblog so people can send you some!!!)


I’m sorry. I had to gif this part. Ed… what you doing there with that mic? (;


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Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone…

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Taylor Swift talking about her photoshoot with Vogue.

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